The More


Ronna Bloom’s new poetry tests its music on the wards of a hospital. While circling a shadow theme of disappearance—retreating, giving out, giving up, being prone, down, waiting with death—Bloom is actually making poems that defend the opposite: tenderness as revelation, anger, strength, compassion as power, health! These poems are wide open. They do not turn away.

The More, by Ronna Bloom, published by Pedlar Press, Cover Art by Mark Rothko, Yellow over Purple, 1956.

Soulful, urgent, profound.
— Sharon English, author
I think this is Bloom’s best collection yet. She actively engages with the world, saying things that I immediately want to write down to make mine.
— Tracy Chevalier, Author of Girl with A Pearl Earring
More, he said to the tree in front of the hotel room where he lay.
Non negotiable, said the tree.
— excerpt from "the more"